Receding Hair Line

Receding hairlines can be traumatic for a man who has always loved having that full looking hair. However the days of worrying about this are long gone. When you come to visit us we will work together to design a new hairline and try different ones out to see which one you think suits you the most. A lot of clients like to recreate a hairline that they had many years ago while others prefer to keep a slightly receding to look more natural.  



Whilst balding of the crown & other areas can cause a loss of confidence, if it is not too far gone we can add density to give it a fuller look. However if it is quite prominent then we would suggest shaving the hair right down and we can fill in the balding area to match the remaining hair. This is by far the better way to go, as the bald spot may get bigger naturally over time, you may have to pop back for a top up to fill in any new areas of thinning as you would expect.


Thinning Of Hair

Thinning hair can be caused by a number of things but mainly by stress, illness or age. Women who have used hair extensions for some time will usually experience some hair thinning or loss making SMP a very popular way of disguising the areas. By replicating follicles in amongst the area that is thinning we can add density to the hair over 3 sessions and make the hair look fuller than before. 


Scar Camo

Head scars can be a thing of the past as we can now use our specialist SMP technique to help disguise old hair transplant scars and other types of scarring to the head. Over 2-3 visits we will make it about 70-80% less noticeable and blend it into the surrounding hair. It is very common for a hair transplant patient to seek SMP after the transplant to gain the density a transplant alone just can not achieve. 



From very mild alopecia to traction alopecia, alopecia areata or even alopecia totalis (total balding). We can offer something to help get your confidence back.

From adding density to thinning areas or adding the look of stubble to a hairless head, get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.


Top Ups


If  you have previously had Scalp Micropigmentation either with us or with another provider and are now requiring a top up we can accommodate for this too. 

We charge £160 per hour for top ups.