Does it hurt?

Most of our clients tell us the pain is very minimal, some have even fallen asleep during the procedure. It is hard to answer this question as everybody's pain tolerance is different.

How long does it last?

In order for your treatment to remain at it's very best we recommend a top up between 1-2 years. Treatments can last longer. We are all different with different skin types so these times may vary. We guarantee your treatment will last for a minimum of 1 year providing post treatment recommendations are followed. If not, we will top up free of charge within that 1st year. 

Is it the same as a normal tattoo?

 SMP is very different to a normal tattoo. We undertake specialist training to do this procedure and use specific pigments that retain their colour over time (though they may fade). Furthermore, the SMP needle does not penetrate the skin as deeply as a normal tattoo.  

Can I use the gym after my procedure?

No!! Please try not to sweat for 4 days following the procedure. We recommend avoiding the gym, swimming, saunas and getting the head wet for the very best end results.

Will it damage my existing hair?

No not at all.

Can i take pain relief?

Most clients tell us this is not necessary however you can take paracetamol or ibuprofen. PLEASE do not take aspirin before the treatment as it can cause bleeding.

How are payments made?

We take up to £500 max in cash, anything more can be made by a credit or debit card before a treatment. Treatments WILL NOT be carried out before payment is made.  3 sessions are necessary for the treatment and payment will be split between the first and second sessions. The 3rd session is a free top up. 

Will my head stay red for long after the treatment?

Everyone is different. Some clients tell us the redness faded the same day whilst some tell us it took a few days. 

Do I really need 3 sessions?

Yes you do!  There is a 10 day gap between the first and second session. The 3rd session is 4 weeks later and the finishing of the masterpiece, checking the final results, adding density to any faded areas for the last time. Until the 3rd session is complete, the masterpiece is only half finished. It is also free! We ask you...why wouldn't you take full advantage of this?

How long will it take?

That really depends on how large an area we are working on? Treatments can usually take from 2-6 hours. Top ups usually 2-3.

Is it safe?

The treatment is perfectly safe. Great care is taken to ensure cleanliness of equipment and disposable needles are used and disposed of after every use.

Will you take a photo for social media if i don't want you to?

Absolutely not. Every client is asked for signed permission for photographs to be taken before a treatment. We would love to add you to our Hermoso wall of fame however we understand privacy is paramount and absolutely optional. If you are receiving any model discount your photo will be expected to be used on our site or social media however we can blank your face should you wish. 

I have a question you have not listed?

Please use our contact form or social media to ask any questions at all.